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BangaloreGG1980 Metal surface cleaning machine

Double position magnetic cleaning machine, 2 frequency converter control panel

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Product introduction PRODUCT INTRODUCTION
Product ModelGG1980
Grinding groove size1800*520(drum)
Power supplyAC380v(50Hz)16A
Motor power4KW*2
Equipment weight580KG
Grinding capacity40-60Kg
Operation modePositive and negative rotation
Steel needle12KG
Lapping liquid100L
Motor speed1400 RPM


* Magnetic polishing Bangalorecleaning speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 3-15 minutes, replace the workpiece quickly, can replace the grinding parts in the operation of the magnetic polishing Bangalorecleaning machine

* Simple operation, safe, completely technology-free, one person can operate several magnetic polishing cleaning machines

* Low cost, stainless steel needle is very low consumption, the main consumables for the grinding fluid

* No pollution, the grinding fluid is 90% moisture, no toxicity and the risk of fire, fully in line with environmental emission standards

* After grinding, the workpiece is easy to handle. The workpiece and stainless steel needle can be easily separated by screen, screen cylinder or separator

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