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BangaloreMetal surface cleaning

Magnetic polishing cleaning speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 3-15 minutes, replace the workpiece quickly, can replace the grinding parts in the operation of magnetic polishing cleaning machine.

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Magnetic Bangalorecleaning machine breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept, using magnetic field force to drag stainless steel needle grinding material, produce rapid rotation movement, so as to achieve burr removal, polishing, cleaning and other multiple effects. Magnetic Bangalorecleaning machine summarizes a large number of practical experience, through careful design, uniform distribution of magnetic field, magnetic field drag force automatically smooth, reverse, polishing effect is more uniform, the surface of the object is smoother, the product effect is far beyond the domestic similar products! In addition, Guan Gu magnetic cleaning machine has a high cost performance, can replace similar imported products, is the magnetic polishing equipment to save manpower costs and improve work efficiency!

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